DiscoverThe Modern Spirituality ShowShadow Work with Rachel Pringle and Ben Decker
Shadow Work with Rachel Pringle and Ben Decker

Shadow Work with Rachel Pringle and Ben Decker

Update: 2023-02-16


Many people think spirituality is limited to light and love or positive mindset, but actor, poet, model and mystic, Rachel Pringle, reminds us of the essential importance of shadow work.  Such work delves deeper into the human psyche, exploring the darker, more hidden realms such as emotions, primal rage, the subconscious, tantra, sensuality and taboo.  Rachel and your host Ben Decker discuss how shadow work can yield living life more fully with greater expression,  connection and embodiment in the context of relationships as well as curiously studying and knowing one’s self, after all there is no better subject to learn than you.

More about Rachel Pringle
Rachel Pringle is an actor, author of Wild Open, creator of the Wild Woman Experience, a Sensuality and Dynamic Tantra Teacher and Mystic. Her work  has been featured in Elle Magazine and  Her primal scream rage rituals and her spiritual retreats of the future were both featured in Vogue.  

She specializes in Sensual Embodiment, Conscious Communication, Self Intimacy, Mysticism in the Tantric Realm and Love in Partnership. Her teachings cover presence, integrating our subconscious, energy dynamics, pleasure frequency, self love, healing through the subtle body and awakening to our innate power and self genius. Her mission in life is to guide people to their deepest purpose through realigning them with their physical and energetic form and affording them the limitless energy and confidence to live a life of purpose and deep fulfillment.  

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Rachel and her husband Johan Urb's Pyramid Breath Teacher Training begins February 18th, 2023

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Shadow Work with Rachel Pringle and Ben Decker

Shadow Work with Rachel Pringle and Ben Decker

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