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Having taken her investigation as far as she can, Shapearl moves on to an even bigger fight: making sure this never happens to anyone else’s child. She travels to Brazil to speak at a summit of mothers of murdered children and works to honor Courtney’s legacy and advocate for police reform in new ways.

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Mike Hall

I feel for this family. We lost our daughter 2 years ago to an overdose. She was dumped ina hospital ambulance bay. Police have truck playe and all its info but wouldnt look into it. Was this a bystander helping or the person who gave her drugs and watched her die? Congrats on the strength to do this podcast

Jun 3rd

🍯 🐇

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I'M SICK I'M SICK I'M SICK!!!!!!!! THIS CANNOT BE OVER. WE NEED JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!! Why won't SOMEBODY see this through to completion??? WHY??? ALL the evidence has been spoonfed by momma bear and her friends. FINISH THIS!!!!!!! 💔🤬💔🤬💔🤬💔🤬💔🤬💔🤬

May 26th

Nellie Fly

Right on

May 16th

Marc Abrahams

I sympathize with everything this family went through but at no point during the podcast did they recognize the ungodly number of murders the city of Chicago deals with every year. I believe that should of been mentioned for context.

May 13th

Natasha Mitchell

Shapearl.... u got me crying on an off this whole episode. Grab ur tissue before you press play

May 12th


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May 12th
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