DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastShelby Scarbrough, Why I Want to Touch Every Corner of the World (#232)
Shelby Scarbrough, Why I Want to Touch Every Corner of the World (#232)

Shelby Scarbrough, Why I Want to Touch Every Corner of the World (#232)

Update: 2022-01-03


Wouldn’t it be nice to impact people’s lives through the things you do? Whether it’s your job, passion, or just about anything you unknowingly do. Today’s guest is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Global School of Entrepreneurship, Shelby Scarbrough. She has done all that and more through the work she did throughout her life. You are going to hear more about her

Shelby Scarbrough combines an entrepreneurial background with the pride and responsibility of public service to bring new perspectives to each endeavor. Her career began as a political appointee in the Reagan and Bush Administrations, first as Presidential Trip Coordinator in The White House, and as a Protocol Officer at the U.S. Department of State.

Ms. Scarbrough worked with such notable figures as His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, Presidents Reagan, Bush, Ford, Carter and Nixon, President Walesa of Poland, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and members of the Royal Family, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. She planned events and meetings in locations ranging from the Vatican to Buckingham Palace to The Kremlin and The White House. She served as the Deputy Lead for Washington, DC for the State Funeral of President Reagan.

She founded Practical Protocol in 1990, an international special events management and business protocol training organization specializing in custom-designed plans which address the unique needs of high-profile clients.

Shelby was a Burger King franchisee for nearly 20 years with 10 restaurants in Northern Virginia until she exited in 2013. She is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from UCLA with a BA in English.

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Show notes:
[4:06 ] How’d it happen for Shelby?
[7:17 ] What is a Protocol Officer at the US Department of State?
[14:33 ] Going to the State Department
[19:41 ] On working at the family business
[25:09 ] Where she thought she was headed
[28:51 ] Interviewing for the job
[33:04 ] Getting comfortable in the White House
[35:42 ] Leaving government work and becoming an entrepreneur
[45:10 How she made the decision to leave
[47:49 ] On whether entrepreneurs are born or made
[52:31 ] Her motivation to start her program
[56:26 ] Who are ideal candidates and how do they find out about the program?
[58:58 ] Civility Rules
[1:07:36 ] Undaunted
[1:14:02 ] Outro

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Shelby Scarbrough, Why I Want to Touch Every Corner of the World (#232)

Shelby Scarbrough, Why I Want to Touch Every Corner of the World (#232)

Mike Malatesta