DiscoverCareer CrossroadsSheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality
Sheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality

Sheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality

Update: 2021-06-23


#41 – From a young age, Sheldon Pereira was always good at fixing things. It started when his dad brought home his first ever computer, and Sheldon had to learn to fix it when he broke it. As he matured through high school, his interest turned more to fixing people than computers, and he had visions of attending medical school to become a doctor. 

The first step in that journey was attending Wilfrid Laurier University, and while Sheldon’s overall experience was fantastic, academically things did not go as well as he’d hoped they would. As he rounded the corner towards graduation, it became clear that medical school was not in his immediate future and he would have to find a job while he continued to work on his grades. Enter: Residence Life. 

Having been a Residence Don (Residence Advisor) as a student, when Sheldon found a great opportunity to work in an entry-level job in Residence Life, with people he admired, he jumped at the chance. While his future as a doctor was getting farther and farther away, he thrived in his new role and began to build up a reputation. As he did, job opportunities presented themselves and Sheldon began to carve a new path for himself in university administration. As he did, he let go of any regrets he had about the future career he had left behind.

Now, Sheldon is the Chief of Staff to the President of Wilfrid Laurier University and has recently been given the added role of Senior Executive Officer, Internationalization. In his interview, we dig deeper into how he had to re-learn how to learn to succeed in his career, as well as how he took time off from work after some personal tragedies to recentre himself.


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Sheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality

Sheldon – Med School Plans, Different Reality

Jonathan Collaton