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Shooting From The Hip With REEF

Shooting From The Hip With REEF

Update: 2022-05-19


Since bursting onto the scene with their breakthrough debut album Replenish in 1995, Glastonbury rockers Reef have had somewhat of a confused career.
Not in the sense that the band have been confused, rather the public – myself included – misled by the success of probably one song in particular, Place Your Hands.
That tune was a runaway success but doesn’t really capture the true essence of Reef’s music.
At their core the band are much more of a rock orientated outfit, as evidenced by their latest cracker of an album, Shoot Me Your Ace.
Bass player Jack Bessant joined HEAVY to chat about the new album and the distorted public perception of Reef’s music.
"We just done an amazing tour in this country,” he began. “We've had such a good time. We've just done 12 dates around the country playing four songs per night off the new record, and then a good blend of songs during the set. So, some heavier ones, and some well known ones, it's been really good."
Shoot Me Your Ace is very much a rock album, and one which is definitely worth a listen, if only to shake the tag the band’s one mega-hit has unfairly placed upon them.
"I think we were definitely in a bit of a rocker vibe,” Bessant continued. “We wanted to play some heavy songs; we were definitely of that vibe from where we left off last time. Just through some connections - Garry was starting to work with Andy Taylor who has produced a few rock bands like Thunder and he's got his own career - so we hooked up with Andy Taylor and we wrote an album with him. It was good writing, because something was going on similar. We wrote this great album called Shoot Me Your Ace together and he produced it and we had all the lockdowns going on. So, we finished it before lockdown, mixed it during lockdown, then we were out rocking it out. It's exciting."
In the full interview, Jack talks more about the album and its rockier feel, other elements including funk and blues that permeate throughout, what Andy Taylor brought to the album, breaking down perceived notions on how the band sounds, the early days of the band, future plans and more.








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Shooting From The Hip With REEF

Shooting From The Hip With REEF

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