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Short-selling for the Common Good

Short-selling for the Common Good

Update: 2020-10-214


In this episode, we talk with Fahmi Quadir, known as the assassin of Wall Street to some, but a hero to us.  Fahmi is one of the world's leading short-selling hedge fund managers who looks to use a short investing strategy to achieve alpha... and to focus the world on companies whose demise makes the world a better place.  In our conversation, we hear about two of her iconic trades-- one in pharmaceuticals and one in fintech, but both capturing the attention of the industry and those who hold hope that Wall Street can be a force for good.

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Why is this woman laudable? She makes money when bad businesses fail, but she doesn't cause or instigate those downfalls. As she noted, she has a financial interest in their failure, so any publicity might be viewed as the short version of a pump and dump. She's just a gambler. She isn't doing anything to bring justice. In fact, when she covers her shorts, she's providing the market for a fallen stock. Without buyers like her, it would crash further. If she were really praise-worthy, she'd be a financial journalist, an enforcement investigator, etc. As it is, she makes money on market *inefficiencies*--i.e., when she gambles with information she has but others do not. So, what's the point? The quality of thought on this podcast is somewhat lacking, seemingly blinded by a desire to tell stories that fit a certain narrative, which happens to be mostly fictional.

Feb 19th
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Short-selling for the Common Good

Short-selling for the Common Good

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