DiscoverDr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting PodcastShould You Take Hormones When You Get Older?
Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Update: 2020-11-231


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In this podcast, Dr. Berg talks about do we need to take hormones when we get older. The hormones which are made by the glands are the communications or the messages that tell the body what to do and travels by the blood. When the hormone connects with the receptor on the other end, the function will be activated and the feedback loop comes back to the gland if the function is compiled so it would stop producing the hormone. He also talks about the basics to help the Endocrine System. 

There are no studies that compare bioidentical hormones to synthetic hormones (Comes with risk). 

Possible Reasons Why the Gland Stopped Talking

• Counter Hormones – Insulin, Estrogen, Cortisol (These hormones can nullify or interfere with testosterone)

• Insulin – It can increase androgens in women and decrease testosterone in men. 

• Endocrine Disruptors – Block Receptors 

• Junk Food / Alcohol – Destroys the Liver (Fatty Liver would make the liver not have the full capacity of the liver function)

• Statins – Drugs that block the body to make Cholesterol 

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Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Dr. Eric Berg