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Should You Workout When You Are Sick?

Should You Workout When You Are Sick?

Update: 2019-10-25


If you are someone who worries about taking time off from working out when you get sick because you think you will retract your progress or gain the weight back, I am here to deconstruct your way of thinking that has been perpetuated by the diet and weight-loss culture.

Healthy Alternatives To Implement

When you are sick, taking time off for your body is necessary so that it can heal and also so that you do not spread your germs to others. If getting no movement does not sound like an option for you, listen to this episode to learn healthy alternatives to implement when you want to want to move but shouldn’t be going to the gym.

It is your job to provide your body with the resources that it needs to heal while being kind on yourself. Taking time off does not mean you will lose what you have built, and it is important to come up with alternative stress reduction practices to help you not go crazy when your body needs some time to recuperate. 

How do you satisfy your need for movement when you are feeling sick? Share your tips with us in the comments on the episode page


On Today's Episode

  • Why bringing your sickness into a closed air environment is disrespectful (8:54)
  • What to do if you are someone who is chronically sick (9:40)
  • The impact of your gut health and stress levels on your immune system (9:51)
  • Questioning your beliefs around taking time off from movement (18:15)
  • How to stop looking at movement as a pass or fail activity (20:41)



“If I am at jiujitsu and heave forbid someone starts coughing on me while we’re rolling, that’s just fucking disrespectful.” (8:35)

“The general rule of thumb on this is that, if in doubt, stay home.” (9:28)

“If for some reason you cannot physically exercise or move to the capacity in which you are accustomed and you like for whatever reason, you are sick, you are injured, your schedule changes, life happens, blah blah, you need something else.” (12:45)

“If you are sick and you need to move because you feel like you are going to lose your fucking mind, try to do it in an open place where you are not going to be in a confined space and really spreading your germs that easily.” (14:46)

“We haven’t failed if we are taking the time we need to get better.” (21:19)


Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Should You Workout When You Are Sick?

Should You Workout When You Are Sick?

Steph Gaudreau