DiscoverUnf*cking The RepublicShow Notes [Ep 71: U.S. Healthcare.]
Show Notes [Ep 71: U.S. Healthcare.]

Show Notes [Ep 71: U.S. Healthcare.]

Update: 2022-08-26


In today’s Show Notes Max and 99 talk for 30 hours…Okay, exaggeration. But they talk for a long while, because there’s a lot of U.S. healthcare feedback to run through, as the Unf*ckers are so smart and dedicated (as usual). All hail Nettie.

Listen to U.S. Healthcare.


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But now after all that slamming dairy, 99 is fine with obesity...because that causes no problems lol. Alright am deleting this Podcast. Maybe in a few months will check back.

Aug 27th


As i am eating cottage cheese you nuts spend all that time slamming dairy. Jesus about to just delete this Podcast. So much waste of time. Nobody listens to this podcast to get all yours and 99's food choices. Unless either one of you is an MD stick to politics. We want the republic unfucked. And yes I am complaining too much. Just about to delete it though so hoping to keep it.

Aug 27th








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Show Notes [Ep 71: U.S. Healthcare.]

Show Notes [Ep 71: U.S. Healthcare.]