DiscoverUnf*cking The RepublicShow Notes [Strange Bedfellows 1: Arthur & Sand]
Show Notes [Strange Bedfellows 1: Arthur & Sand]

Show Notes [Strange Bedfellows 1: Arthur & Sand]

Update: 2022-11-03


In today's Show Notes, Max and 99 catch up on some big news stories of the last few weeks like midterms, Twitter, antisemitism, and Lula. They also read some Unf*cker topic requests and review “PC” insult suggestions.

Listen to Strange Bedfellows: Chester A. Arthur and Julia Sand.


Intro: 00:00:20

Current Events Roundup: 00:04:13

Emails: 00:59:15

Buy Me A Coffee Donations + Memberships: 01:30:33

Outro: 01:36:19


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Vox: The Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun controversy, explained

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Ray C. Anderson: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose--Doing Business by Respecting the Earth

Paul Traynor New Trier: Tip of the Spear

UNFTR Episode: Building the Climate Industrial Complex.

Candice Millard: Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President

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Show Notes [Strange Bedfellows 1: Arthur & Sand]

Show Notes [Strange Bedfellows 1: Arthur & Sand]