DiscoverAhway IslandSilly Bunny: a calming meditation and story
Silly Bunny: a calming meditation and story

Silly Bunny: a calming meditation and story

Update: 2020-04-24


Betty Bunny notices a bunny statue in her house. Silly bunny, she thinks the statue is real. Being kind, Betty welcomes the statue.

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story, “Blissful Books” this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “Silly Bunny” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 11:12

Narrator: Female

Silly Bunny Excerpt:

It was a quiet day in the little house.  Betty bunny settled into a warm sunbeam and relaxed, kicking out her back legs.  The sun lit up her tan and white fluffy fur. She had already been quite busy hopping around the living room, and eating her carrot greens.  Looking out across the room, she noticed something different.  There appeared to be another bunny, sitting in a sunbeam.  Not realizing the new bunny was a statue, Betty sat right up.  The dark brown bunny statue seemed to be relaxed as well. Her feet were kicked out behind her, and her front paws daintily crossed.  The bunny statue’s ears, however, were standing up and alert.

Betty bunny decided to hop over and introduce herself to the new bunny.  So hop, hop, hop, Betty crossed the floor.  The other bunny was very still and quiet.  Betty thought, maybe the bunny is sleeping.  She didn’t want to wake the other bunny, so Betty settled down next to her and waited.

Today’s Meditation: Feel your muscles relax as you check in with your body from head to toe.

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Silly Bunny: a calming meditation and story

Silly Bunny: a calming meditation and story

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