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Situational Awareness with Robert Montgomery

Situational Awareness with Robert Montgomery

Update: 2021-08-18


When seconds count and freezing isn’t an option and lives are at stake, how do you prepare to know what to do? Even our bodies have natural reactions. But what can you do to stay calm, level your breathing, and be alert?

Today’s guest is Robert Montgomery. Robert was an operations officer in the CIA for 34 years and served in some of the most dangerous places in the world. He is also a former Marine and the founder of Guardwell Defense. Robert is an author and teaches training courses such as Combat for Women, Improvised Weapons, and Street Smarts for Students and Businesspeople designed to help anyone mitigate and deal with unexpected violence.

Show Notes:

  • [0:53 ] - Robert shares his background, experience, and how he shifted into training civilians for personal defense.
  • [3:46 ] - Using security cameras that he can access on his phone, Robert shares the story of seeing people on his property while he was in Afghanistan.
  • [7:29 ] - Through this experience, Robert realized why his wife was able to stay calm in the moment.
  • [10:13 ] - Referencing Chris’s website and podcast, Robert explains the common scams that he has seen come up.
  • [11:26 ] - “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan properly.” 
  • [12:27 ] - There is a correlation between your heart rate and ability to control fine motor skills.
  • [14:12 ] - Controlling your breathing is the key to lowering your heart rate.
  • [16:37 ] - Practicing breathing in non-stressful situations can help you in the moment.
  • [18:18 ] - Chris shares a story that connects to the discussion on adrenaline and fear.
  • [19:51 ] - You cannot be alert all the time. Being hyper alert can lead to PTSD and often does in members of the military.
  • [23:23 ] - With situational awareness, you have to stay level headed and make decisions quickly.
  • [24:51 ] - It is okay to “be rude” if you feel uncomfortable.
  • [27:10 ] - There are many signals you may notice if approached by a predator.
  • [28:13 ] - A common situation many people find themselves in is walking or jogging outside with headphones on. This affects their awareness.
  • [31:46 ] - Situational awareness will mitigate many problems.
  • [32:47 ] - Robert gives some tips on what to do when beginning to travel again, especially overseas.
  • [35:21 ] - Maintaining a lower profile to lessen your chances to be targeted for crimes as a tourist can be challenging, but Robert gives advice.
  • [36:28 ] - Edson Tiger offers an excellent online course for training for travel.
  • [38:27 ] - Paper copies of things are important in case things are lost.
  • [39:54 ] - Every citizen should learn the basics of first aid.

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Situational Awareness with Robert Montgomery

Situational Awareness with Robert Montgomery

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