DiscoverThe Rachel Varga PodcastSkin Aging and Gut Health with Naveen Jain from Viome
Skin Aging and Gut Health with Naveen Jain from Viome

Skin Aging and Gut Health with Naveen Jain from Viome

Update: 2021-03-19


What does the future of the human species look like? Will illness and aging become optional? Will we have to become a multi-planetary species to survive? How are gut health and skin aging connected? What are the best supplements and probiotics for skin conditions like acne, eczema? Should we do a Viome test first before convention tests? Is Viome setting the standard for health questionnaires? What is the connection between biological aging and the gut health and skin connection?

What about Viome scores and how can we measure biological aging? What is the Viome test kit like and how does it work? Are precision supplements the way of the future?

About Naveen Jain:

Naveen is an intensely curious entrepreneur who believes that the spirit of entrepreneurship and emerging technologies multiply to create crazy moonshot ideas that push humanity forward. He is the author of ‘Moonshots - Creating a world of Abundance.’ His current moonshot adventures are Viome and Moon Express.

Viome’s singular mission is to “make illness optional.” Viome has built an AI-driven platform to analyze the interaction between the food, our microbiome, and our human cells to develop precision nutrition with the goal of preventing and reversing chronic diseases.

Moon Express is the only company in the world with permission to harvest resources from the moon—developing the infrastructure needed to push humanity forward towards a true multi-planetary society.

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Skin Aging and Gut Health with Naveen Jain from Viome

Skin Aging and Gut Health with Naveen Jain from Viome