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Sleep, Strength and Track & Field | Endurance News & Random Musings

Sleep, Strength and Track & Field | Endurance News & Random Musings

Update: 2021-01-15


Brad Stulberg


Sleep is the best performance enhancer there is.

If you are worried about "optimizing" your health, well-being, or performance but you are not sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night, start there.

Molly Mirhashem


"Talent and trainability are undoubtedly written in our genes, but in ways that are endlessly nuanced and unfathomably complex. Success and failure only look predetermined in hindsight."


on the limits of predictive DNA tests:



"The trickiest part of strength training, for most endurance athletes, is getting started. There are plenty of good reasons to do it. But there’s an important wrinkle that doesn’t get much attention: when should you stop?"

When to Stop Strength Training Before a Big Race

Correctly timing all the elements of your taper can give you an extra edge on race day

There’s simply not enough data here to draw conclusions, but there are some hints in previous studies that there might be an “overshoot” effect that supercharges your fast-twitch muscle fibers a week or two after you stop your strength training routine. That’s fodder for future research—but even without an overshoot effect, these results add support to the idea that you can and probably should taper your strength training at least a week before a big race.

Rich Gonzalez


BREAKING: With quick-surging coronavirus outbreaks across Japan, the head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games organizing committee said a “tough decision” likely will need to be made in either February or March.  Whether that means curtailing spectators, or worse, remains to be seen.

Gwen Berry


They should... seeing as they had a problem with me wearing their gear to protest racial injustice

Wear a mask


· Jan 12

Does @TeamUSA have any thoughts about a former gold medalist swimmer wearing their gear as he participated in the deadly insurrection last week?

Rich Gonzalez


Stanford will welcome in Garces Memorial defensive end  Zach Buckey (173-6 in the discus and primed for another breakout). If the name sounds familiar, his dad (Jeff Buckey) also went to Stanford for FB/TF and is one of just six California preps to go 210-00 in HS in the event!

Rich Gonzalez


BREAKING: The Clovis Cross-Country Invitational, scheduled for February 6th, has been rescheduled. The new tentative date on Saturday, March 6th.



"One reason running is so satisfying is that its goals can easily and continually adjust as our skills improve — we don’t have to find a better opponent or a higher mountain — we can just scale our times to our new reality."

Jonathan Gault


Kenya will bid for the 2025 World Athletics Championships. It staged the World U18 Championships in 2017 and is set to host the World U20 Championships this summer.

Africa has never hosted track & field's biggest event.

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Sleep, Strength and Track & Field | Endurance News & Random Musings

Sleep, Strength and Track & Field | Endurance News & Random Musings