DiscoverDr. Shawn Baker PodcastSleep And Your Carnivore Health | Dr. Shawn Baker & Kirk Parsley
Sleep And Your Carnivore Health | Dr. Shawn Baker & Kirk Parsley

Sleep And Your Carnivore Health | Dr. Shawn Baker & Kirk Parsley

Update: 2024-04-211


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast, where today we're diving deep into the world of sleep science with our esteemed guest, and former Navy SEAL, Kirk. Known as the "sleep guy" in military circles, Kirk brings a wealth of knowledge from his transition into the medical field, specifically on the topic of how sleep—or the lack thereof—affects our metabolic health and performance.

In this episode, we unpack the mysteries of sleep and discuss its anabolic nature, the significance of each sleep stage, and the intricate physiological processes our bodies undergo during slumber. Kirk draws from his extensive experience to explain how he helped soldiers off prescription sleep medications, which in turn led to vast health improvements. 

Dr. Shawn Baker, with his shared military background and orthopedic expertise, joins the conversation to delve into the repercussions of sleep deprivation and the risks associated with commonly used sleep drugs. You'll hear about the impact of poor sleep on everything from emotional processing and risk of disease to everyday performance and longevity.

We also outline practical strategies for improving sleep quality, including supplement recommendations, meditative practices, and sleep hygiene techniques. Kirk's valuable insights extend to managing sleep troubles in the elderly and mitigating jet lag.

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00:00 Trailer.
00:47 Introduction.
04:32 Learning from influencers, became known for sleep.
07:44 GABA analogs slow down neocortex activity.
09:31 Sleep serves to repair and prepare body.
12:17 Emotional categorization during sleep affects PTSD triggers.
17:08 Sleep deprivation triggers survival instinct due to glucose.
17:49 Poor sleep affects insulin, cortisol, and cravings.
22:07 Importance of consistency in circadian rhythm and adenosine.
23:32 Women cool faster than men, ideal sleep temperature 64-66°F.
27:52 Consistent activities during the day impact sleep.
30:48 Melatonin dosing and timing recommendations based on experience.
31:49 Shift work linked to increased disease risk.
35:45 Inquiring about Doc Parsley's sleep supplement.
39:32 Maintain muscle mass, stay cool, and psychology shift.
41:00 Sleep hygiene includes reducing blue light, activity and body temperature.
45:26 Prioritize rest, delay worries, focus on essentials.
48:14 Improve sleep with travel planning and supplements.
48:50 Website "" includes media, lectures, supplements.

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Sleep And Your Carnivore Health | Dr. Shawn Baker & Kirk Parsley

Sleep And Your Carnivore Health | Dr. Shawn Baker & Kirk Parsley