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Sliding Doors with Andy McPhee

Sliding Doors with Andy McPhee

Update: 2022-08-14


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Episode 8 is here. And I must say, thank you.......... thank you to all my listeners, this podcast has officially passed the 'death' hurdle........ the point where most podcasts fail to proceed.

In this episode, I am very excited to interview the fantastic actor, Andy McPhee. Andy is an accomplished actor, both in Australia and the United States, with over 140 IMDB credits, including (arguably) his most known role as Keith McGee, in the acclaimed television series Sons Of Anarchy.  Straight out of the US, he has only just returned to Australia to pursue some great opportunities that have just come up.

A funny opening to the episode, we touch on the randomness of Google stats, and how 'funny' facts can be online.

Andy discusses his early years of growing up and how that influenced his life and led him to acting.  We discuss how past 'mistakes' in life effect one's future, and can open doors that you may never have expected.

Method acting acting and/or drawing on your past life experiences can certainly enhance your acting ability, and Andy discusses how you can draw on this to improve your skillset.

Mindset training is a HUGE focus on so many aspects of life today, and Andy discusses his understanding of how this can supplement your acting journey.

And a lot of this episode focuses on Andy's training/coaching approach. It is about getting out of your comfort zone and doing a lot of creative work, so you are not worried about getting it right but just getting it done. 

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Sliding Doors with Andy McPhee

Sliding Doors with Andy McPhee

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