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Smashing through the class ceiling

Smashing through the class ceiling

Update: 2021-05-30


Even today, the class you are born into can largely determine your career. Recent research by Diversity Council Australia found that more than any other diversity demographic, it was social class which most determined Australian workers’ experience of inclusion or exclusion at work. 

Talking about class at work can be awkward, especially when most Australians believe we live in the land of a “fair go”. But, talk about it we must.

Amanda Rose has dealt with the stigma her whole life, simply because she comes from Western Sydney. When an event MC introduced her as “from Parramatta…but that’s ok because she’s gorgeous” she knew things had to change. Amanda has since gone on to found six businesses including Western Sydney Women, an organisation which offers free programs and workshops designed to help women from the area thrive in the workplace. 

Author and journalist Rick Morton grew up in poverty in rural Queensland, and believes his acute understanding of the class experience has shaped his career.  As an award-winning journalist, Rick has broken stories on aged care, refugees and the NDIS for some of Australia’s biggest news publications. 

Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia shares the surprising findings in their ground breaking class research, and how workplaces might overcome our unconscious class biases. 

Report by Diversity Council Australia: Class at Work 

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Smashing through the class ceiling

Smashing through the class ceiling