Snark Attack

Snark Attack

Update: 2023-02-21


Roseanne's Fox Nation stand-up special, Caroline Calloway and Audrey Peters' responses to their Reddit snarkers, a body being found in the water where Nicola Bulley went missing, Tubi's Super Bowl ad and why it sucked, and the possible reemergence of something that feels like HQ Trivia.

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Nicola Bulley update

Nicola Bulley: Lancashire Police find body in River Wyre

How can alcohol affect you during menopause?


Tubi Super Bowl ad gets backlash for their “prank” ad

NFL Losses Are Associated With Increased Domestic Violence

A Super Bowl ad left viewers yelling for their remotes. Here's why

“I broke up with my boyfriend over the Tubi Super Bowl commercial” - viral Reddit post

TikTokers address Reddit

Audrey Peters has photoshop fail, owns it, and says Reddit snark posts have driven her FaceTune more

Designer Haley Peacock also addresses how “snark” quickly evolves to act as bad or worse than the influencers are snarking on

How we are all becoming our own PR

Caroline Calloway calls her haters

Caroline Calloway Vice Documentary

TikTok’s version of HQ Trivia

Tiktok Trivia Game goes live for US users on February 22nd. Sign up here. 

Molly’s code: CI81984388

HQties Are No More — The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia

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Letterboxed reviewer is watching every movie ever made

Someone is watching and rating every single film made on LetterBoxed

Girl believes she is missing child Madeline McCann

Instagram gets just under half a million followers in 5 days


Logan Paul reveals that his energy drink Prime made $110,000,000 in net sales in 2022. It’s made $45,000,000 just in January 2023

Short, nude nails are trending

the costal grandma aesthetic girl put short nails in her 2023 trend predictions

.basic.hannah. shares her favorite “vanilla girl” nail colors for 2023

AI news

People’s AI girlfriends are starting to reject them

Microsoft / Bing AI is already having an existential crisis

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Snark Attack

Snark Attack

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