Snow White & Rose Red

Snow White & Rose Red

Update: 2021-03-23


Having trouble sleeping? Here is a gentle reading of a sleepy bedtime story that offers your mind a restful detour to the land of sleep.  Tonight's story is a tale by the Brothers Grimm called Snow White and Rose Red. The Snow White in the title of this story is not the famous Snow White who meets the 7 dwarfs. This Snow White has a sister called Rose Red whom she loves very much and they live together with their loving mother in a cottage in the forest. The 2 sisters encounter a talking bear and an angry dwarf. Their kindness brings them many blessing and reminds us of the basic understanding that "as you sow, you shall reap".  Let's get cozy and comfy and sleepy together. Sweet dreamzzz....

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Snow White & Rose Red

Snow White & Rose Red

Joanne D'Amico