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So You Think You Can Build A Stadium

So You Think You Can Build A Stadium

Update: 2019-07-272


Put your egg beaters out. Masterchef’s pulsing heart - the trio of judges - have been put out to grass-fed pasture. Ironically, for George at least, over a pay dispute. But opportunity knocks and the trio, backed up by the blue sky world of reality TV formats, could be the solution Sydney’s latest construction crisis….

The Harbour City’s demolished but yet to be rebuilt football stadium has been plunged into chaos after builder Lendlease was punted from the project.

The solution? Masterbuilder. It’s Masterchef, meets The Block, meets the not insignificant challenge of stadia construction with a budget as tight as its timeline. Two words: ratings bonanza. We’re a nation of tradies, of architects, of armchair experts. Have a go and get a go, y’know? With Gary, Matt and George leading the charge, what could possibly go wrong?

There’s a conspiracy. A conspiracy to oust Peter Beattie as Rugby League’s El Jefe. The clubs are flexing, set in their belief that Beattie lacks muscle, thus cannot flex back. The lid is lifted, the truth exposed, and it’s got Charles Wooley and the 60 Minutes crew’s fingerprints all over it.

A hard day’s rugby league needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Frank Burge’s 'The Immortal Pale Ale'. The Dirty Reds’ legend has been immortalised - again - by having his face slapped on a limited edition tinny, which must surely rank as the game’s highest honour.

Mark Coyne & Mark Latham - what the hell is going on with Mark’s and Taxi drivers?

Subzero is sick, and the nation is nervous. The 1992 Melbourne Cup winner, ‘Subbie’ to his mates,  reached out to people - and the people reciprocated in kind. Subzero loved kids, whereas Rooting King hated them. Subbie’s recent bout of colic saw him hooked up to drip after his kidneys showed signs of shutting down. Subbie is in our thoughts and our prayers, but no longer our black books.

Plus all of your emails via and plenty more. After all, it’s a week where too much sport is barely enough.









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So You Think You Can Build A Stadium

So You Think You Can Build A Stadium

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