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Solo: Let's Catch Up

Solo: Let's Catch Up

Update: 2021-02-121


In this episode, Barry shares a quick update on Leading Steep and how to reach out and participate, a recap on recent shows, a preview on future shows, thoughts on leadership and kids, and some very important acknowledgements.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

●      [0:22 ] Why a solo episode?


●      [2:35 ] How to contact Barry and join Leading Steep Fireside Facebook


●      [3:25 ] On feedback and leadership


●      [3:40 ] Recapping episodes with Zach Collier, Richard Bangs, and Jim Coffey


●      [5:45 ] Jim Coffey in Ty Smith’s own words


●      [7:14 ] An introduction to Barry’s nonprofit, Junior Guides and youth leadership


●      [8:31 ] Previews of upcoming guests on the show


●      [9:54 ] Acknowledgements


●      [10:40 ] Closing thoughts


Key Quotes by Barry:

●      “Great leaders courageously deliver feedback with love in their hearts. Often, the harder the feedback is to deliver, the more impactful it is to hear.”

●      “If you’re genuinely interested in people, it goes a long way towards being an effective leader.”

●      “Team leaders are multipliers: They put others in front of themselves.”

●      “Adventure guides have a great capacity for calm in a storm that any leader can learn from.”

●      “Even a small, seemingly insignificant interaction can change your business or change your life. You never know who you’re speaking to or what kind of impact you may have for them or they for you.”

●      “As a leader, one of the measures of your success will certainly be the legacy of the leaders you helped build and nurture.”

●      “Young people—young leaders—need to use their voice to change the world.”

●      “The best guides I know also happen to be the most humble. Aspire to the notion I call ‘humble brilliance’.”


Resources Mentioned:


●      Leading Steep Fireside Facebook Group

●      Junior Guides









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Solo: Let's Catch Up

Solo: Let's Catch Up

Barry Kruse