Someone Else’s Problem | 4

Someone Else’s Problem | 4

Update: 2019-06-18143


Episode 4: Police believe they’ve identified the suspect. Then he ends up dead on a beach.

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Comments (23)

jason buchanan

Hi Tristan this is Teresa 444444444and gym membership wears 5 wears wears size 5th to the 2 552pwccqh4k8p782v9d2r 44 4ish 44th terr4th I 3 4 4ish

Jul 9th

mari arana

Politics ruining everything yet again.

Oct 25th

Edwina Tollstoy

So the killer is sounding like a Santa Barbara cop or someone with those connections, haven't listened to the rest but it sure is convenient to have two people murdered in Mexico and a rash of killings pinned on them.

Sep 26th
Reply (1)

Brandon south

I do hate these ads though

Jul 27th

Jenn Kavanaugh

When we let men have the power over us....

Jul 4th
Reply (13)

Mae Lee Arant

unable to swallow the anger toward law enforcement and their refusal to do their jobs and allowed these horrific murders and rapes to continue.

Jun 18th
Reply (3)
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Someone Else’s Problem | 4

Someone Else’s Problem | 4