DiscoverSharing Stories with Helen RoseSoul Healing of The b. Class with Tara Newbigging
Soul Healing of The b. Class with Tara Newbigging

Soul Healing of The b. Class with Tara Newbigging

Update: 2020-10-07


When Tara finished her schooling in Sudbury, Ontario, she set her sights on working in corporate health and wellness, but quickly found that wellness in the corporate world was often an afterthought, and didn’t fit into the standard 9 to 5 routine. She decided to change direction and started to work at a local gym in her home town doing personal training, and sales and marketing.
A short time later, the opportunity to move to the Northwest Territories arose. The moment she stepped into her new community she felt energized by the possibilities. Her soul was calling to her and she decided to listen. Colliding music, emotions, dance, and fitness she took a leap of faith, and decided to offer a new kind of class. Her jaw dropped to the floor as she noticed she had 50 people lined up down the hallway ready to get their groove on.
Tara quickly realized using music to help people move their bodies, spark joy, release emotions, and start them on the road to healing was her calling. Her class is not just an exercise class, it’s an experience that involves the shedding of self and rebuilding layer by layer. Her story is one of finding your purpose and using the gifts that you have been given to start a movement.

In this episode:
1. The origins of The b. Class (1:02 ).
2. Using music and movement to raise your vibration (6:12 ).
3. Letting your tears wash away what no longer serves you (9:58 ).
4. The gifts, the talents, the calling (12:49 ).
5. The business model – bigger than just me (14:33 ).
6. Moving online… would a global pandemic stop the movement? (16:57 ).
7. It’s not about the exercise (22:01 ).
8. Collaboration and bringing The b. Class to the world (25:24 ).
9. Letting life show you the way (29:09 ).
10. Coaching, branding, and building confidence (32:05 ).

Connect with Tara
If you want to join in on the movement or find a class near you, connect with Tara on Instagram @the.b.class or Facebook at

Connect with Helen
When the healing begins, writing about it can be soothing for the soul and provide an even deeper level of healing. Check out to register for one of Helen's Programs.








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Soul Healing of The b. Class with Tara Newbigging

Soul Healing of The b. Class with Tara Newbigging

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