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Speaking of REO Speedwagon

Speaking of REO Speedwagon

Update: 2021-03-03


content: Jan 4, 2018 · podcast: Mar 3, 2021

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And then there was that one time (yesterday) that I was thinking pretty much everyone I meet and know in the here and now aren’t dicks. It’s a big shift in my perspective.

When I was younger I used to believe that most people were assholes but then as I was thinking more yesterday, I realized my thoughts had changed. For the better. More than likely I just remembered the assholes, too, that they made more of an impression on me. Because they were obnoxious. And I was real good at that whole focusing on the negative instead of the positive thing. Over and over again.

Your 90s heroes, Bush, sang “I’m addicted to bullshit” way back when. I can relate to that. “Addicted” is a pretty strong word but bullshit was what I knew.

Anyways, along the same lines, we find what we’re looking for and having a clearer mind at the moment, I can honestly say that the people I encounter now are decent, caring human beings. Doing their best to make the world a better place. Doing more than they have to in life.

Not that they go full-tilt, Mother Teresa kinda shit, but they do just a little bit more than required. Just a little bump extra. And that’s what makes all the difference in people’s lives. Going full-tilt can burn me out. It’s better if I just do a little bit more, be a little bit more each day.

In the same song Bush also sang “it’s all the little things that kill.” But wait, the little things can make the world pretty awesome, too.

Another big part to all of this is the people I hang out with. Not too many unsavory types these days. Regardless of what the magnet says, “like” can and also attract “like.”

I’m grateful for my friends, you guys. Just knowing all of you makes me a better person.

And to quote that same song one final time, “bigger you give, bigger you get.”

I wanna be big today and all of you help me get there. Watching you give, inspires me to.

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Speaking of REO Speedwagon

Speaking of REO Speedwagon