Spearhead Whisky shakes up single grain Scotch

Spearhead Whisky shakes up single grain Scotch

Update: 2021-12-15


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Spearhead is a new whisky from the renowned Highlands Single Malt distillery, Loch Lomond, that shakes up Scotch whisky in numerous respects.

For starters, it’s a single grain whisky. But in this case, that doesn’t mean it’s been distilled from wheat or corn or rye, Spearhead is made from malted barley using a continuous, Coffey style still, also known as a column still.

That’s what makes it a single grain Scotch whisky. And the process enabled Loch Lomond to create a lighter style of spirit that would then undergo a unique maturation process that includes finishing in infrared toasted virgin American oak barrels.

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Loch Lomond is currently the only distillery in Scotland to use infrared barrels to finish whisky.

And there’s a raft of other innovative production tweaks that all combine to give Spearhead a sweeter taste profile, albeit with depth and complexity, that is designed to appeal to newer whisky drinkers or people who enjoy long drinks like highballs.

This is a special episode of the Drinks Adventures podcast, produced with the support of Spearhead Whisky.

You'll meet Loch Lomond master blender Michael Henry and head of innovation, Calum Leslie, who are going to tell you all about this exciting and unique project.

And I started this interview by asking Calum why Loch Lomond had embarked on this project that resulted in the creation of an entirely new brand.

Spearhead Whisky is out now at First Choice Liquor, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars stores across Australia, priced very competitively at $62 for a 700ml bottle.

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Spearhead Whisky shakes up single grain Scotch

Spearhead Whisky shakes up single grain Scotch

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