Special: Cousin Movies

Special: Cousin Movies

Update: 2022-04-25


We’re between seasons this week, so we are welcoming three special guests from the Maximum Film podcast on the Maximum Fun network. Comedian Ify Nwadiwe, festival programmer Drea Clark, and critic Alonso Duralde join us for movie trivia about titles appearing in dialogue, and an exploration of the shared DNA of “cousin movies” with a salute to the hyper-specific movie lists from all the weirdo-geniuses on letterboxd. And as always, it all comes down to the lightning round!

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Episode Notes

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👯‍♂️ The whole "twin movie" thing is actually really common.

🪚 Lots of people (have chosen to?) forget about Hacksaw Ridge; maybe Mel Gibson directing has something to do with that.

🚨 It seems as though Ify meant to refer to The Happytime Murders, which would be the first time someone thought about that movie.

😱 You really should check out The Wages of Fear.

🎞 All of our players would encourage you to listen to their show, Maximum Film! We do too!

🎊 Drea is helping to put together the Bentonville Film Festival.

🐦 You can follow Drea on Twitter.

🍷 Ify encourages you to watch Grand Crew on Hulu or Peacock.

🐦 Ify can be found on Twitter

🐦 Alonso is on Twitter too!

👓 Read Alonso’s writing at The Wrap.

🔪 Listen to Alonso on the podcast Linoleum Knife

🍳 Alonso is also on the Breakfast All Day podcast

📖 You can also get Alonso's book about Hallmark Christmas movies, I'll Be Home For Christmas Movies.

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Special: Cousin Movies

Special: Cousin Movies