Special: Darth Foley

Special: Darth Foley

Update: 2022-05-02


This episode comes to you from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…it's a Star Wars trivia special! We have three enthusiasts in the studio to try their hand at their knowledge of the settings and sounds of the Star Wars universe, plus all sorts of other tidbits, nooks, and crannies to quiz on. We'll be back next week for season seven!

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Episode Notes

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🧹 You remember Broom Boy, aka Temiri Blagg, from Episode VIII? A plot point that totally wasn't abandoned in Episode IX?

🔋 The "cult of the power droids," led by a Gonk, is a thing.

🦎 The Trandoshans aren't all bad: they also kill Gungans.

🚬 Elan Sel'Sabagno, aka Sleazebaggano, was selling "death sticks," in the prequels, but we mostly remember them from (now Legend) Cade Skywalker.

👩🏻‍🍳 The Chef Gormaanda Scorebreak: Just a bit of stirrin', whippin', beatin', and tastin', and you have yourself a masterpiece.

😱 Star Wars did, eventually, abandon the Wilhelm Scream in the sequel series, replacing it with the Wall-E scream.

🗡 Yes, the "darksaber" is, officially, a lightsaber.

🏅 The full story of the R5-D4 droid.

🖐 The Invisible Hand Scorebreak: Sure, it aligns the interests of buyers and sellers to make the free market function, but, more importantly, it ferries General Grievous around.

👨‍🎤 Sy Snootles is a singer AND a part time bounty hunter.

🛕 Jedi Temple Challenge was definitely just a reskinned Legends of the Hidden Temple, but much more Jar-Jar-tastic.

👹 Simone's podcast is Black Mass Appeal.

🐦 Simone is on Twitter too!

📚 Andy recommends the Star Wars Technical Commentaries

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Special: Darth Foley

Special: Darth Foley