Special: Great Acceptations

Special: Great Acceptations

Update: 2022-03-21


It's Oscars-week, listeners! So we're taking a break before the season six playoffs for an Academy Awards trivia special with three very special guests. Joe Reid and Chris Feil (This Had Oscar Buzz) and Katey Rich (Vanity Fair / Little Gold Men) will have their awards season historical acumen tested with a tougher-than-usual Oscar speech game, and puzzles about long term Oscar narratives. Some crazy title-deciphering makes for an excellent lightning round where our true champion takes home that Oscar gold.

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Episode Notes

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👑 David Byrne got his Oscar for The Last Emperor and has come this close to getting his EGOT.

❄️ Peter Capaldi's Oscar is for a short film, Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life, starring Richard Grant.

🎥 The "L" in cinematographer Conrad L. Hall's name is for Greek-Japanese writer Koizumi Yakumo, who was born Lafcadio Hearn. His first name is for Joseph Conrad.

🎼 Other composers beside Alexandre Desplat have gotten multiple nominations in the same category in the same year: John Williams was nominated for both Tintin and War Horse in 2011.

⛔️ George Scott refused his Oscar on the grounds that he did not see himself as being in competition with other actors.

Paul Hogan actually got pretty good reviews for his turn as Oscar co-host. If nothing else, he's now better regarded than the writer who beat him for the Oscar he was nominated for.

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🐝 Check out Joe and Chris on This Had Oscar Buzz

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Special: Great Acceptations

Special: Great Acceptations