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Special: Movie Movie, Title’s Groovy

Special: Movie Movie, Title’s Groovy

Update: 2022-11-21


We're on a break between seasons for a special episode featuring three fine folks from, the social media site for people who love watching movies. Mitchell Beaupre, Mia Vicino, and the inimitable Slim joined us for some games celebrating the few movies of 2022 that don't have rhymes in their titles, and lightning rounds in the coolest*, hippest†, movie categories you can think of. Are these movie-savvy Letterboxers up to the challenge? Listen and find out! *not cool †not hip


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🐊 The 2022 Lyle, Lyle Crocodile is actually the second animated adaptation of the book: it was also the first episode of HBO Storybook Musicals in 1987.

🧟‍♂️ Aside from Return of the Living Dead James Karen had memorable roles in Mulholland Drive and Poltergeist.

🇺🇸 The Myra Breckinridge Scorebreak. Myra Breckinridge: so that’s why we didn’t get any more Gore Vidal adaptations. [4/10: I guess we’re just forgetting about Caligula? Sounds like a plan.]

📼 The issue of the last movie released on VHS (not via wide release retail, as in the question) is complicated by the Disney Movie Club, which was sending out VHS copies until late 2006, and the recent vogue for releasing horror movies on VHS (like V/H/S).

👮‍♂️ The title of the documentary on the Shawshank DVD comes from the original story. The Shawshank Redemption was published in a seasonally themed short story collection, in which Shawshank was the Spring entry, subtitled Hope Springs Eternal.

🕷️ Alternate universe mode from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is an unfinished completely different cut of the movie, based on earlier versions of the script.

🌹 The Dainty June and Louise scorebreak. Dainty June and Louise because Momma gets married, and married, and married, and never gets carried away. [2/10: Love the show, just wish it had a different title.]

🥤 Is Uncle Drew great cinema? No, but it does have made the best performance of Nick Kroll’s career, which everyone missed because it was in a movie derived from a Pepsi commercial.

📕 The Book of Henry is a buck wild story, largely driven by a tween’s posthumous assassination plot, but that hasn’t stopped some people from thinking that it’s a true story.

🧠 Psychiatrist Carl Jung’s name is pronounced more like “yuung” than “young.”

🎧 All the guests from this episode can be heard every week on Letterboxd’s Weekend Watchlist podcast.

🎞️ Slim is on Letterboxd

🎥 He’s also on the 70mm podcast

🐦 And can be found on Twitter

🎞️ Mia is, shockingly, on Letterboxd

🐦 And on Twitter as well

🎞️ Not surprisingly, Mitchell is on Letterboxd

🧴 But they also writes for Paste

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Special: Movie Movie, Title’s Groovy

Special: Movie Movie, Title’s Groovy

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