Special: Origin Stories

Special: Origin Stories

Update: 2022-08-29


We're taking a break before the season seven playoffs for some very nerdy trivia with some special guests from the iFanboy podcast network! We were lucky enough to be joined by Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and their recurring guest and science-expert Dr. Ryan Haupt for a match tailored just for them! After a trip to Amity for a game of My Champion, we'll quiz about the history of the use of the famous 'morphing' effect across the history of movies and TV. In round two, we'll go DEEP into comic book lore with a round about early versions of superheroes we know from movies and TV. All this, plus an epic lightning round!


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👾 The Aliens vs. Predator laser tag arena in Australia is the best thing to come out of those movies

🕛 There were three made for TV movies based on Midnight Run.

🗳 Benson ended on a cliffhanger, without viewers ever finding out who won the election.

🚁 The Helicopters following me around scorebreak: The Helicopters following me around: you can all see those, right? Right? [8/10. Goodfellas is a classic.]

Pryde of the X-Men was a pilot for an X-Men cartoon that never happened. It used to be billed as “The Only X-Men Animated Adventure Ever Created!”

🕹 The X-Men Arcade Game did get a re-release around 2010 on Xbox, but it’s fallen out of availability again. Is it good? It’s fine – but 6 players at once is amazing.

👹 In addition to Kingpin, Daredevil was in Trial of the Incredible Hulk. It’s… not great.

The U.S.S. Flagg playset was more than seven feet long, but if it were to scale, it would have to have been more than 100 feet long (those planes were big).

🪦 Duke somehow survived the animated G.I. Joe movie, but got killed in the second live action Joe movie.

😬 Leisure Suit Larry is a relic of a lost time, and should probably stay that way.

🦸🏻‍♂️ Josh and Conor are mainstays on iFanboy, which has a more than weekly podcast

📹 iFanboy is also on YouTube (mostly old stuff that they've been re-uploading, but if you haven't seen it, it's new to you).

🔬 In addition to regular appearances on iFanboy, you can hear Ryan on the Science, Sort Of podcast.

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Special: Origin Stories

Special: Origin Stories

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