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Special Release - Youth in Leadership Pilot

Special Release - Youth in Leadership Pilot

Update: 2021-04-01


Welcome to a very special episode of Episcopal Youth Ministry in ATL. We are excited to share a new project of our diocese that recently premiered on YouTube. We know we have a core audience of this podcast that will greatly appreciate a conversation on leadership between the young people we serve.

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta is launching a new and innovative interview segment. “Youth in Leadership” will feature youth who have stepped up in evident ways in their call to embody Jesus’ work here on earth: to lead with love - especially during the pandemic. These interviews will feature young people and youth workers from across the Diocese of Atlanta. These people will be interviewed by Arianna Cantillo, Youth Intern for Digital Media, and will respond to questions of their faith life, leadership journey, and where along the road these two intersect.

Using Bishop Rob Wright’s words “leadership is the capacity to mobilize others to address tough problems, especially problems we would rather avoid”, these interviews will highlight how youth and youth leaders thrive in leadership roles, the challenges faced, and how those around them inspire them and how they inspire others.

Follow the Diocese of Atlanta Youth, @eycdioatl, on Facebook and Instagram to guarantee your engagement in conversations with various youth and youth workers in leadership in our faith communities.

The pilot episode features Bailey Toms, a senior at St. Patrick's Dunwoody, that serves on her vestry and helps lead liturgies at her church through art and prayer.

Watch the series on YouTube.









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Special Release - Youth in Leadership Pilot

Special Release - Youth in Leadership Pilot

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