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If a doctor is fired from a hospital, the hospital should report it immediately. That’s how problem doctors are prevented from getting hired elsewhere. But the places where Dr. Duntsch operated failed to report him to the proper authorities. If they had, maybe Duntsch’s path of destruction would have been stopped much sooner.

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Comments (35)

Brittany Storms

Baylor wrote a statement that Patient Care and Trustworthy Care is their top priority and that is why they can't talk about Dr. Duntsch... how about transparency? If you want your patients to trust you, be honest with them. "We screwed up. We didn't manage this surgeon or his wake of disaster." Your credibility would increase more than silent ambiguity.

Nov 12th


This guy is a fucking bastard, seriously, how did this go on for so long! I feel so bad for the man with the pinched nerve who endured having so much catastrophic damage done to him.

Jun 23rd

Morgan Scott, Jr

Major Complications Yeah Death seems like a Major Complication

Mar 29th

Ati Otieno

This was sooooo good! Intense but really really well done!

Mar 13th

Shannon Shilling Dorris

As a surgical technologist I am freaked out about this story. I thoroughly enjoy spine and as I listened to the patients injured by him it brought tears to my eyes. How awful, what a piece of crap.

Feb 27th
Reply (1)

Derek X

amazing how cowardly some of these people are. to not say anything about this guy for fear of being sued.

Feb 11th

Patti Stapley Kimball

This totally freaks me out but I can't stop listening!

Jan 25th


he was probably a freemason or satanist. they get a pass on anything they do.

Jan 23rd


I think the ceo of that hospital had a crush on him

Jan 17th

Kickin Ash

This is so good! We'll done Wondery! 👏🏾

Jan 15th


I've had transforaminal lumber inter body fusion of L5-S1. 100 % successful. No longer have any pain whatsoever. I had no concerns about having the procedure done at all. Mainly because I researched the crap out of the procedure and who were the leading surgeons in the procedure. Plus I live in Australia.

Dec 19th


Finally! Someone who does something about this butcher!

Dec 2nd

Natalie Bryson

great podcast but I hate that she calls the nurse practitioner in his office his "assistant". NPs are not assistants!

Oct 11th
Reply (1)

Ta Rena Furr

Great podcast! Interesting enough to be Binge worthy! How did I not hear about this when it happened? And I live nearby.

Oct 4th
Reply (1)

Cheyenne Gehring

You can skip the ads

Oct 2nd

Bill Mulholland


Sep 27th

Jess Stewart

This is just unbelievable. scary.

Sep 24th

Veronica Sawyer

Too many ads

Sep 21st

Juan Shanks

now I understand why no one wants to go under the knife. why their is a stereotype of surgery has such a bad stereotype. not sure I can trust doctors after this podcast. I know this is just one bad apple ruining it for everyone but after hearing they don't always report malpractice is kind of hard to hear that and trust any doctor after.

Sep 18th
Reply (4)

Jonathon Childs

super good work! reminds me of some old radiolab. keep it up!

Sep 14th
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Spineless | 4

Spineless | 4