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Springtime For The Honchos!

Springtime For The Honchos!

Update: 2022-03-23


Episode 55 - Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

Spring has finally sprung and so too have the Honchos for another pastoral Wednesday feast of sports and other stuff. The Honchos put on their pastel finery tonight and talked about movies, the lifting of the vaccine mandate in New York, and the horror that is Peyronie’s disease (don’t ask). The Honchos shook that off and gave us the always sunny “Who Wore It Best?” segment featuring, in honor of the 55th show, a great (but not Hall of Fame worthy) player who also wore number 55. The mystery guest wearing 55 was former MLB pitcher Orel Hershiser of the Dodgers, Indians (yes, Indians) and the Mets. Before turning to the sporty part of the showgram there was time for a few Headlines about the dangers of drugs (and the people that take them) – inhaling deodorant, hiding drugs by consuming them, calling the police to verify the quality of drugs, and ironically-shaped edibles courtesy of Mike Tyson.

It would not be spring without a thorough review of the smoldering wreckage that is our collective brackets and an update on the Famous Alumni bracket. Spoiler alert! Not great, Bob!

Everyone but the Honchos were involved in an NFL trade this week, so the NFL Recap was all about old faces in new places. Watson to Cleveland, Ryan to Indy, Adams to Vegas, Hill to Miami, and the strange journey of Malcolm Butler ends where it began, in New England. The Honchos wrapped the pro football stuff with some hot USFL talk including some of their wackier rules.

The NHL/NBA/MLB segment focused primarily on a review of the NHL trade deadline. Who made moves and who stood pat? The Honchos laid to rest the Ingleside Lakers update (at least until the playoffs), examined the money thrown at MLB free agents. discussed the new rules in MLB this season, Trevor Bauer in the cooler, Max Scherzer done with labor negotiations, and even asked why Rob has not been named the new MLB commissioner.

No Spring is ever complete without sunshine, April showers, cherry blossoms, and the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Rex Chapman of CNN and CBS Sports.

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Springtime For The Honchos!

Springtime For The Honchos!

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