DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastStacey Gordon, MBA, The Power of Meeting People Where They Are (#211)
Stacey Gordon, MBA, The Power of Meeting People Where They Are (#211)

Stacey Gordon, MBA, The Power of Meeting People Where They Are (#211)

Update: 2021-11-17


Stacey Gordon is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Diversity Strategist at Rework Work. There, she focuses on reworking how companies work, including how they inclusively recruit, hire and engage employees, effectively creating inclusion and belonging for all. Her role at the company gives her the opportunity to coach and counsel executive leaders on DEI strategies for the business while presenting an innovative approach to education.

Talking of which, Stacey has created the second-highest viewed course at LinkedIn Learning called “Unconscious Bias”, which has reached more than 1 million learners. Such course has been translated into four languages and has been featured by LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Virgin America. Stacey has pursued her mission of bringing inclusivity and belonging to the workplace also with her book, UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work, which has reached #1 on several Amazon New Release lists.

From Recruiter to Changing Workplaces’ Culture with DEI

Stacey Gordon has always been interested in recruiting. No matter her position or the company she was working at, she always had something to say about the way they’d hire. This innate pull, together with a series of events, brought her to being a recruiter. She found great joy in helping people get the job of their dreams, but she also started noticing diverse people had more difficulties getting certain positions. That would often end up in them getting jobs that they didn’t love. As a recruiter, Stacey felt such outcomes were not aligned with her inner self, as she was thinking more about bringing diversity to a company than about the candidate’s fulfillment. That’s when she started focusing on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and not just on the recruitment aspect, which led her to found Rework Work.

The impact she has reached with changing workplace culture with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is tremendous, and she has helped countless companies in creating an inclusive work environment.

And now here’s Stacey Gordon.

Show Notes

[3:13 ] How’d it happen for Stacey Gordon?[6:55 ] The journey to becoming a recruiter[10:10 ] On starting her own business[15:37 ] Stacey and her law school experience[20:34 ] What brought Stacey to the states?[22:38 ] All about Rework Work[25:25 ] How Stacey actually helps companies[34:00 ] How many companies get it “right”?[43:55 ] Conscious vs. unconscious bias[45:23 ] On the process of writing UNBIAS and what was Stacey’s goal[49:55 ] Wasted energy and growing/maintaining Stacey’s energy[51:34 ] Diving deeper into LinkedIn learning[55:31 ] The challenges with resume[1:01:35 ] What is Stacey shooting for?[1:04:31 ] Outro

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Video on The Power of Meeting People Where They Are

Stacey Gordon’s Path to Diversity & Inclusion

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LinkedIn Learning Course: “Unconscious Bias”

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Stacey Gordon, MBA, The Power of Meeting People Where They Are (#211)

Stacey Gordon, MBA, The Power of Meeting People Where They Are (#211)

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