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Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

Update: 2020-07-14


Life, as we know it, has changed and our creative expression has changed as well. Instead of focusing on self-actualization, many are turning to the powers of community, collective, and creativity in order to heal and step into alignment. Rai Henry is a personal coach who is passionate about helping others reignite their creativity, and step out of the hustle and into the flow.

Being Intentional About Your Life, Business, & Values

While you may not consider yourself a ‘creative’, Rai believes that anyone who is tapping into a part of themselves in order to express it to others fits into the creative mold. By being intentional about your life, business and values, Rai helps others show up in a way that aligns with your DNA, or Divine Natural Approach. 

Through deliberate work, you can recognize the blocks in your life and learn how to flow through them. Rai wants to get to know you and open you up to the limitless possibilities that are waiting for you. By focusing on your own personal responsibility you can look inside to achieve better flow, heal from trauma, and start living your life by design. 

Are you ready to use your creative expression as a tool for healing, aligning, and thriving? Share what you loved most about Rai’s unique and refreshing perspective with us in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Discover what it means to be creative and make an impact aligned with your vision (11:15 )
  • Why the individual self-actualization approach is being replaced with the collective (18:20 )
  • How to experience the energy of creativity and flow and recognize your blocks (20:30 )
  • Tips for expanding your view of abundance and co-creation within your tribe (24:50 )
  • How to give yourself permission to thrive after trauma and learn to trust yourself (28:08 )



“That’s really what I am here to do. Help people show up in the world, have an impact, but really find their true values along the way.” (10:07 )

“In a time like today where the world is going through such revolution and transformation, it can be very easy to feel like you are doing it alone, when truly we are doing it as a collective.” (17:21 )

“Were shifting from that individual model, and the only way to do that is to be transparent, to be vulnerable, and to be open about what you are experiencing so that you can connect to your community or your tribe and grow beyond your own limitations.” (19:59 )

“I didn’t have any of the guidance, I didn’t have any kind of blueprint or framework to work from. But I forged it myself, along with spirit guiding me and the beautiful, what I call messengers, that showed up at different phases of my life. And I have charted that process, and I have taken note of what those key factors were, and I have applied them to the principles of your heroes’ journey, and that is the framework for the work that I am doing right now.” (34:27 )

“We are all on one journey, but there are infinite possibilities. So it is so important to remember it is absolutely up to you to choose the flow that works for you. Choose your flow by unlocking that potential and being intentional and deliberate about the life that you want to live, or the business that you want to create.” (37:00 )



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Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

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