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Staying Human In A Fucked Up World w/ Tim Desmond

Staying Human In A Fucked Up World w/ Tim Desmond

Update: 2019-10-15


Tim Desmond is a scholar of professional psychology rooted in self-compassion and is passionate about making a difference and providing emotional support available to people worldwide.

Facing Life With More Humanity

An episode you will want to listen to again and again, Tim is here to help us empaths find ways to deal with what is happening in the world right now. If you feel as though you struggle to live in this challenging modern society and process what happens on a daily basis without letting the weight of the world crush you, Tim is the guru you need to quiet your mind and accept your bodily reactions. 

The need to constantly seek approval, dismiss your anger or always think about what could make something better is something that many people deal with, but it doesn't have to be this way. Understanding your capacity to be present with suffering and embrace your emotions in a compassionate way is the key to facing life with more humanity. 

By giving your anger your full attention you can become your anger’s ally and understand how to be in harmony with your inner reactions. With Tim’s guidance, you can recognize your pain, bring compassion to yourself and stop getting stuck in your habitual habits to focus on the things in life that are going to push you forward. 

Instead of losing sleep over assholes or issues that you are powerless against, learn how to stay more present and in turn, more human.

How does Tim’s approach to self-compassion make you feel about dealing with the monumental issues found in the world today? Share with us in the comments on the episode page.


On Today's Episode

  • How to be present with pain without being overwhelmed by it (20:20)
  • Tools to face your distress triggers with capacity, tolerance, and acceptance (29:55)
  • Ways to avoid overwhelm by understanding your capacity for pain (33:20)
  • Developing your ability to be open to all aspects of life despite the assholes (38:42)
  • The difference between allowing yourself to be mad and ruminating on a story (41:50)
  • The importance of emotional support accessibility around the world (47:30)



“The need that we are seeking when we seek approval is to have a moment of feeling like I am okay like there is nothing wrong with me like I am loveable.” (12:43)

“There's really no word in the English language for our capacity to be present with suffering in sort of a beneficial or compassionate way because we all have a limited capacity for that.” (21:38)

“Your only job right now is developing your capacity to tolerate some discomfort in your body.” (28:11)

“If you are able to be present with suffering, aversion, pain, whatever it is. If you are able to be present with it in a way that is open and compassionate, the result if the transformation that we just saw.” (34:35)

“What it all comes back to is being able to recognize the pain in me, my own reactivity, to allow my reaction, to bring care and compassion to myself, and then there will be a lot more options for me in terms of dealing with that person.” (41:05)


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Staying Human In A Fucked Up World w/ Tim Desmond

Staying Human In A Fucked Up World w/ Tim Desmond

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