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Steins;Gate || Hacking to the Great

Steins;Gate || Hacking to the Great

Update: 2020-12-15


Ah, the time loop. What was once a curse that only the most kawaii of all anime characters Bill Murray had to experience in the movie Groundhog Day is now something that almost every Japanese high school student has to go through once in their lives from the S.O.S. Brigade to Natsuki Subaru. Well, college students are no exceptions as Okabe Rintaro finds himself repeating a few days in his life trying to prevent an event he would really not see for the 100th time and also a dystopian future where a secret organization has taken over the world. Changing world lines, Okabe is on a quest to change the future and also maybe preserve his immortal metabolism since the man drinks enough soft drinks to make his pee corrosive to steel. That's Steins;Gate and that's what we're talking in this episode! It's Matt's favorite anime and he got to pick the coping mechanism this week as 2020 draws to a close and he chose rewatching his all time great for the fiftieth time! Get your Juicy Karaage Number One heated up in the Phone Microwave (Name Subject to Change) and listen in with us as we talk all about the craziness of time travel in not just anime but EVERYTHING, why you need a neko chuuni cat maid in your life, and what makes a 10 out of 10 show... if only for like a second. No matter the world line, no matter the attractor field, you can always find us on our website at to see all our links including our social media and join the Discord at to continue the conversation! Tuturu~! ♪









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Steins;Gate || Hacking to the Great

Steins;Gate || Hacking to the Great

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