DiscoverRock Talk With Mitch LafonStevie D. from Buckcherry (January 2020)
Stevie D. from Buckcherry (January 2020)

Stevie D. from Buckcherry (January 2020)

Update: 2020-01-18


Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon presents Buckcherry's Stevie D. (recorded January 2020).

Stevie D. discusses the band's latest album Warpaint, the spirit of Buckcherry, the band's sound, why Josh Todd & The Conflict, Spraygun war, how important is radio play to the band, the new collaboration with WifisFuneral, their upcoming ACOUSTIC project, the album 15, drummer Francis Ruiz and much more. 

"It was important to us (when the band splintered) to keep the spirit of Buckcherry and what that is. It was important to keep that intact. So, in writing, that was definitely in the forefront."

"Rock is still alive and selling out stadiums."

"For us, radio is important, but it's not the answer because we built a great touring business. We can still go out and sellout where ever we play. It would be nice to have the radio support but it wasn't necessary during the Warpaint tour."

"You've got to stay true to who you are... Buckcherry has never been a band that is doing what every one else is doing. And getting successful has been icing on the cake for us."

"We'll do another full length record by end of summer. We're constantly working on stuff. Right after Wifisfuneral, we do have a couple acoustic songs coming out."

The 15 album: "There was nothing riding on it. We were at this place where we could do it or not. There was no record company. There was no manager or nothing. It was just five guys in a room. Go figure, the thing blew up."

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Stevie D. from Buckcherry (January 2020)

Stevie D. from Buckcherry (January 2020)

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