DiscoverLevel Up Podcast with Rhonda DevlinStewardship of the Body (Part 1) 12/07/19
Stewardship of the Body (Part 1) 12/07/19

Stewardship of the Body (Part 1) 12/07/19

Update: 2019-12-07


Today we had the chance to reflect on why we want to steward the body well. All God's gift to us are good and this includes the bodies He gives us. Are we treating our body like a TREASURE or TRASH? It's not necessarily the easiest thing to always take care of our bodies, but when we are practicing awareness; mirror conversations; self discipline; radical self-responsibility; consistency; a positive mindset and attitude; allowing others to help us; and inviting God's power into where we are stuck we WILL BE transformed! I invite you to soak in Mathew 13 and really reflect on the Sower and Seed parable that Jesus shares. See how this applies and consider if you are living as a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 individual in regards to your attitude and results in stewarding your body. Join me next week as I dive into specific things that we can do to take better care of our bodies. Also, please send me any type of testimony where you are willing to brag about how Jesus has helped you overcome your struggles. Please send to I'll share this in the month of January as we all give a big shout out to His goodness. If you wish to keep it anonymous be sure to let me know. Thank you for participating in cheering about Jesus and helping others to know so they are increased in their faith, hope, and awareness of His power!

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Stewardship of the Body (Part 1) 12/07/19

Stewardship of the Body (Part 1) 12/07/19

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