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Sticking Up For Yourself

Sticking Up For Yourself

Update: 2019-05-0621


Today, we’re going over how to stand up for yourself, and moreover when we should bite back versus walk away. Most importantly, we’re diving into how to do so without losing your integrity and your own resources of energy and time.  Grab your cups and let’s get chatting!  

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Comments (6)

Cassidy Laurel

i really needed this podcast. I have issues with conflict, and let people always walk all over me. Thanks for always creating the thing I need most K 💕💕💙💙

May 15th

Jocelyn Davis-Rogers

Omg. This changed my day to day life. Thank you for encouraging me to stand up for myself. I bullied so much on a daily basis and it has increased exponentially

May 12th


great episode as always! however, here is some constructive criticisms... I never minded the adverts much before but now they've become too much and too long. mostly too long.. we get the service, so after a while, it gets too rambly. I like how personal you make the adverts but they are not complex services. also these kinds of long frequent adverts I get and understand for episodes that are over an hour long not for your shorter ones. I like the length of your episodes but ones 3x your length do this type of advertising. Also I can't stand rachel hollis... her criticisms are warranted and wish she would listen and self-reflect. I do not think she takes into consideration some very reasonable criticisms against her, so not the best example.

May 11th

Carliss Ruth

Okay this hit hard. One of my friends worked with a guy who was verbally abusive, both to my friend, me and other people. I worked there two to three times a week and always just tried to avoid this person. I absolutely hated it when this person talked or even came near my friend and I. Some other people who worked with talked to him and when he ignored and denied what they were saying they talked to the people and about six months after they mentioned in that guy was let go. He because the people higher up realize what we didn't, that he was verbally abusing me, my friend, and other people in our place of work. After he was let go the people in charge talked to us and explained to us what this was. Now that he's gone I realize that I should have stood up for everyone. However at that point I didn't even realize that something would/could be done about this situation. My friend dealt with him more than anyone else because he worked with him the most. I struggle with feeling guilty about not saying anything before, and I have told myself that I am going to stand up for my self from now on.

May 8th

Evie Nicolaidou

That was really helpful! I don’t think that I ever sticked up for my self. Just like you I am a people pleaser and I rent to find excuses on other people’s behavior all the time. The problem is that most of the time I just walk out of peoples life without explaining how I feel or why. I shouldn’t expect people to understand how I feel without explaining to them that what are they doing is hurting me. Sticking up for yourself to a family members would be great, cause my fathers behavior is bothering me the last years now and I really don’t know how to talk to considering that we were never close.

May 7th

Ethar Elsaied

Hey Kalyn can you make a video on the podcasts you listen to? why? and how often do you listen to them?

May 6th
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Sticking Up For Yourself

Sticking Up For Yourself