Stop Fixin' To Get Ready

Stop Fixin' To Get Ready

Update: 2021-04-225


If you have ever found yourself motivated and excited to move toward a big goal, you may have wondered why you can't get yourself moving.

It was a Saturday night in 1993, and I was hosting the 70's Saturday Night on a radio station in Orlando. It was the number one show, and the phones were ringing with over 700 calls per night. One stopped me in my tracks -

Since it was a Saturday night, people were in a party mood and getting ready to head out for a night on the town. I answered the phone, and the first thing I asked was what they were doing?

"Oh… I'm fixin' to get ready."

Fixin' to get ready? What the heck is fixin' to get ready?

"Well, we're going out, and I have to get dressed up. I'm thinking about what I'm going to wear, if it's clean, do I have to iron it, and will my date like it?"

Why don't you throw on something that you know is ready to go and be done with it?

"I don't know. I guess I have time to waste, so I'm wasting it."

The truth shall set you free as it did for me.

At that moment, I realized how much time I spent thinking, pondering, questioning, researching, and worrying about plans.

My mentality was that as long as I showed up and did a good job, my dreams would come true. That wasn't happening, and it was time to kick into gear.

As the years passed, I've worked with thousands of clients. The thing that separates those who get what they want from those who don't is their ability to skip the fixin' process. They go to the doin' process as fast as possible.

That's not to say that you shouldn't spend time thinking about your future. It would help if you had a roadmap laid out for any new adventure. However, it's always better to get on the road and not idle in your driveway, wondering why you haven't arrived.









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Stop Fixin' To Get Ready

Stop Fixin' To Get Ready