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Stop Letting Fear Run Your Business with Brette Hawks

Stop Letting Fear Run Your Business with Brette Hawks

Update: 2023-02-28


Brette Hawks lives near Provo, UT and specializes in selling custom-decorated wedding cakes with her cottage food business, Hobble Creek Cake Co.

Despite starting her business just a few years ago, Brette has become one of Utah’s top wedding cake artists. She has over 14k Instagram followers and has been featured by Wilton, Martha Stewart, American Cake Decorating magazine, and Cake Masters magazine.

But on top of that, Brette also helps other cottage food entrepreneurs through her coaching business, The Out of Home Baker, which now has over 57k Instagram followers!

Brette also hosts her own podcast called Business Is Sweet, recently organized the Bake It Happen summit, and has spoken at The Bake Fest.

What’s particularly impressive about Brette’s journey is that she achieved all of this while raising two very young children as a stay-at-home mom!

In this episode, Brette will share her secrets to success, including the importance of overcoming fear, managing mindset, niching down, pricing correctly, and working smarter, not harder.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to achieve work-life balance as a mompreneur
  • Why it’s crucial to overcome fear when running a business
  • How to craft a simple business plan when getting started
  • Strategies for working smarter, not harder
  • The importance of taking breaks when you’re an entrepreneur
  • The benefits of being your own boss
  • How to conquer impostor syndrome
  • How to manage your mindset as an entrepreneur
  • The three objectives of pricing
  • Why it’s vital to discover your unique style in business
  • How to build a brand and establish perceived value for your product


Hobble Creek Cake Co. website (Instagram | Facebook)

The Out of Home Baker website (Instagram | Facebook | YouTube)

Business Is Sweet (podcast)

Pricing Mastermind (online course)

Brette’s Other Resources

Utah Cottage Food Law

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Stop Letting Fear Run Your Business with Brette Hawks

Stop Letting Fear Run Your Business with Brette Hawks

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