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Stop Selling and Start Closing With Dan Lappin

Stop Selling and Start Closing With Dan Lappin

Update: 2020-06-20


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  • There is a lot of psychology that goes into selling
  • Breaking Sales is to help someone become objective
  • A lot of salespeople grind and hustle and struggle
  • They become attached to the outcome
  • "I hope they like me. I hope I get the business. I hope I get invited back."
  • Professional athletes know to let go of the outcome
  • Golfers need to focus on the execution of the swing not the fact they just double-bogeyed the last hole
  • When you focus on the outcome you change the execution of the skill, and that creates too much struggle
  • Bring out peak performance
  • Sleep, eat right, be sharp, exercise, meditate
  • These are the new routines of top performers
  • Adults learn well but we're attached to our history and efforts and past results so it's hard to change our habits and actions
  • The key to a good sales conversation is your mindset
  • It's not just who is asking the questions or giving more information
The new routines of top performers include sleeping, eating, exercising, and even meditating."
  • We're all guarded at first
  • Will this conversation help us or harm us?
  • Most salespeople want and need something from the prospect
  • Have a helping/serving mindset
  • You need to have a detached mindset
  • There are no good or bad answers
  • Don't assign values to answers. Just accept them for what they are.
  • How many of your prospects have decided to make a change before you ever show up? Most salespeople admit only 10-30% are at that stage.
  • For those ready to make a change you can follow "old school" sales tactics.
  • To get exponential growth you need to get better at addressing the other 70-80%.
  • How many of those are even ready and/or need to change?
  • It's human nature to overestimate and underestimate
  • You have to "spar" to gain more confidence. This is done in the deal dissection.
  • Hesitancy, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, etc. can show up and blow up your meeting
  • Detach so you're not thrown off by "bad" answers
  • Those answers "don't mean anything, yet."
  • Turn into those "bad" answers
  • Role play with your teammates first (AI can help with your roleplaying)
  • This is a lifetime project because sales is a profession
  • Do a sales detox before you get on the phone
  • Your prospects become defensive when they detect sales patterns
  • Ask a lazy question, get a lazy answer
  • Have an advisor mindset, detach, ask meaningful questions
  • Can you help? How can you help? Are they ready for help?

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Stop Selling and Start Closing With Dan Lappin

Stop Selling and Start Closing With Dan Lappin

Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®