DiscoverKhancept Audio ConnectionStorian 021 – The Falcon of Spain – 1.0 Prologue
Storian 021 – The Falcon of Spain – 1.0 Prologue

Storian 021 – The Falcon of Spain – 1.0 Prologue

Update: 2018-05-02


This is the first of several recordings for The Falcon of Spain, a narrative as told to us by Abdulrahman b. Muawiyyah.

History class him by many names, among them is also Saqr Quraysh. Leave me a comment below letting me know if you like this series or not.

“The Falcon of Spain” is the story of a Syrian refugee who fled his home and came to the west because he was driven out by invaders wielding black flags. When he later rises from exile to lead his people in 8th century Spain, he will have to choose between seeking vengeance or establishing justice.
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Storian 023 – How Would Batman Fast Ramadan? Ask His Trainer Rehan Jalali
Found this post to be of great benefit. It's a long post, and inconvenient for most to simply read it, so I've done ya'll the benefit of making a video where I go through the whole post with some commentary.I titled it "How Would Batman Fast Ramadan?"You can find the entire original post by Rehan Jalali on his Facebook:"Surviving a 16 Hour Fast While Improving Focus, Health, Energy, and Fitness" By: Rehan Jalali, C.S.N.Due to the Intermittent fasting movement, many people have incorporated regular fasting into their lives. The 8 hour diet and others are very popular these days. Well, Ramadan is the NBA Championship of fasting! Most people see the month of Ramadan as a time when they will surely lose strength and or muscle mass and some people think they can only “maintain” during this month. This cannot be further from the truth. In fact, if you use some of the strategies I am about to share with you, you can make some of your best gains during this month! It’s all about maximizing nutrient uptake/Lowering any chance of deficiencies, maintaining proper hydration, boosting immune function, maximizing while on little sleep, and modifying key fat burning/muscle building hormones in your favor during this month. And of course PREPARATION—If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! Plus, how can you truly maximize this month spiritually and get in the zen zone if your body is sick, tired, and your mind isn’t sharp?Make sure you set specific fitness goals for Ramadan, write them down and put on your fridge, and go and achieve them!'
Art of Attention 032 – The Body of Knowledge Podcast Review
I spent the better part of the last couple months going through a podcast series called "The Body of Knowledge" by Kenny Kane and Dr. Andy Galpin, and produced by Josh Embree. One of the things I love about the science of health and fitness is that not only does it directly connect with martial arts and human performance. But, it also metaphorically and allegorically translates into business and life.However, a lot of stuff that's put out there takes strong positions on ideas while not taking into consideration science as simply a means of reducing uncertainty, and not the means of truth itself. This podcast series, the two volumes they've published thus far, is currently the best series out there on the subject of health and fitness. As they describe it on their website,, The Body of Knowledge is a serialized podcast featuring stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Each story is born in a conversation about quality of life and incubates until it can grow into actionable insight. The show is hosted by former comedian and lifelong human performance coach, Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin. The show is produced in volumes and chapters are released upon completion. Although the subject matter is around health and fitness, every episodes has gems and lessons that carry over into personal and professional development, marketing, branding, and reputation development.
Art of Attention 030 – Fire! Ready. Aim. The Startup Mindset
There's as concept of getting all your ducks in a row and then take an action.But when you're in a situation of Entrepreneurship and or simply making progress is not about having everything or having all your ducks in a row but simply moving forward periodIt doesn't have to be perfect it just has to get going.We all have a ton of ideas. But many of us don't take the action that is required to win.Regardless of what excuses we give ourselves whether we think we're not ready or the plan isn't perfect, perhaps we can call it the mindset of the engineer vs the salesman.The salesman attitude is let's just get it done. Just do it and we'll figure it out along the way. The engineer is like, no let's figure it out first over that we don't make mistakes.If you're working on a Grassroots level or if you have an idea and you simply want to run with it, then don't worry about planning and just go.Have a concept in mind, a vision, and run with it.If you have a concept in mind that you don't have to be perfect just get going.This is not going to be your first rodeo nor will it be your last unless you choose for it to be.If you don't know if you want to do this again then that's ok too. Experience the adventure and then decide whether or not you want to do it again.Try it. If you don't like it then don't revisit it. However if you enjoyed it then do it again.Don't prevent yourself from an experience or an adventure just because your Ducks aren't in a row.This is why startup businesses and revolutionary movements don't typically have people with an engineer mindset going in. These people simply start and do, and when something is built they bring in the engineer to optimize.What matters is that you put yourself out there. You made something. Maybe it's received well. Maybe it's not. If it's not received well then that's okay. Go ahead and try again.Keep on firing.This is the reality of life. You have to fire first so that you can see how you hit. You then make an adjustment and Try Again from there.
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Storian 021 – The Falcon of Spain – 1.0 Prologue

Storian 021 – The Falcon of Spain – 1.0 Prologue

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