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Storytelling : Part Two with Lily Dunn

Storytelling : Part Two with Lily Dunn

Update: 2021-12-15


In this edition we resume the theme of storytelling, this time looking at the art and techniques of telling stories from real life. Our guest, Lily Dunn is a novelist, memoirist and teacher whose debut memoir, Sins of My Father will be out in March 2022. 

 Excerpts from Sins of My Father in this podcast are read by Lily Dunn
The interviewer is Chris Gregory
Production, sound design, music and editing are by Chris Gregory

 Lily Dunn is a writer, teacher and lecturer in creative writing and narrative nonfiction at Bath Spa University. She is the author of one novel, SHADOWING THE SUN, and co-editor with Zoe Gilbert of A WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE, an anthology of recovery stories.

You can find out more about Lily by visiting her website here

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Lily's memoir, Sins of My Father will be published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in March.  We think W&N for permission to use excerpts from the book in this podcast.

Lily and Zoe Gilbert co-founded and teach for London Lit Lab.  If you have enjoyed listening to Zoe and Lily chatting about storytelling and the art of writing please visit their website at the address below to find out about and book onto their courses and workshops.
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Storytelling : Part Two with Lily Dunn

Storytelling : Part Two with Lily Dunn