DiscoverA New DirectionStorytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga
Storytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga

Storytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga

Update: 2022-02-23


We all love a good story.  In fact, we watch movies and TV shows because we love the storytelling that happens with in them.  But some how in business we get a disconnect between storytelling and our brand.  Sure we will spend tons of money on marketing, believing that it is making a difference.  But we are perhaps missing the greatest marketing advantage each of us have...and that is telling your story...your unique story that could be resonating with more potential customers and clients.  The fact is you need more than marketing you need storytelling of your brand.  And on this episode of A New Direction with have one the leading experts in brand storytelling Paul Furiga of WordWrite.  Who is going to help us navigate the waters of marketing and storytelling.

Paul Furiga's book is entitled, "Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand " Takes you and your business on a journey understanding the research and history of how storytelling is scientifically, biologically, and historically the best marketing you have available to you that you probably are not using.  Finding Your Capital S Story then takes you through all the elements necessary to develop your own story and how to start crafting your unique authentic story so that you can differentiate yourself in the market from your competitors.  Finding Your Capital S Story also includes how to tell your story whether you are B2B or B2C, Product or Service and how Social Media plays a vital role in telling your story.

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Storytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga

Storytelling Your Brand for Greater Profit – Paul Furiga

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