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Stress - Symptoms and Solutions!

Stress - Symptoms and Solutions!

Update: 2023-04-28


Welcome to episode 2 of The Irish Pharmacy Podcast brought to you by the Pharmacists of Haven and totalhealth Pharmacies!

This episode will help you to identify and manage stress.  There is no doubt that life has gotten busier over the past few years, and the pandemic certainly made it's impact.  Knowing the signs of stress can be crucial for your health, and they aren't all as obvious as they may seem!

I chat with Neil Sokay, Neil is a community pharmacist in Lynch's totalhealth Pharmacy in Kells.

Neil has been practicing as a community pharmacist for 20 years and is passionate about patient care and delivering excellent patient services.

This weeks episode:

  • What is Stress?

  • Symptoms - both emotional and physical

  • Consequences of stress in the short term and the longterm

  • How can I improve the levels of stress in my life?

  • Ways to improve the way that you respond to stress.

  • When should I go to the Doctor? 

We really hope that you enjoy this episode and find lots of tips and advice for you to listen to on the go!

The Irish Pharmacy Podcast will be back in four weeks to sort out another health concern with trusted, local care.

This podcast is brought to you by totalhealth and Haven Pharmacies. There are 127 of our independently owned pharmacies located all over Ireland so that we can bring Trusted, Local, Care to you in your community, and now, on the go, with this podcast!









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Stress - Symptoms and Solutions!

Stress - Symptoms and Solutions!

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