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Stress Less, Accomplish More with Meditation - 076

Stress Less, Accomplish More with Meditation - 076

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Do you often feel overwhelmed? Tired? Stressed out? Can't sleep? Do you wish you could have more energy without slamming 5 cups a coffee per day? Then this episode is for you.

We’re going deep into meditation. But here's the thing... most people who struggle with meditation don't have the right information. Meditation shouldn't be hard!

If you've struggled with meditation in the past, or can't seem to make it a habit, don't miss this episode.

Meditation is a form of rest for our bodies that you can't get through sleep. And without it, chances are your brain can be working against you much of the time.

Your body accumulates boat loads of stress throughout your lifetime (yes, your body may still be holding onto stress from as far back as childhood!), and if you don't have a way to release it, it can lead to disease, overwhelm, aging faster (eeek!) and the potential to snap at any moment.

Today we’re bringing on Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation and the leading expert in meditation for extraordinary performance.

Emily has managed to make meditation fun, easy and accessible. In part because she says most of the meditation we are used to was designed for monks dedicating their lives to zen stillness, not regular people doing regular shit all day.

Today we will learn a simple but effective meditation practice that you can do anytime, anywhere, without an app to guide you.

Today we will learn:How meditation changes our brainsHow stress from even 20 years ago can still live in your bodyWhy meditation is 5X more restful than sleepThe powerful trifecta of meditation, mindfulness and manifestingSupport Mind Love's Sponsors: Four Sigmatic <--- Use code MINDLOVE for 15% off your entire for 15% off your first purchaseFitOn← Use code MINDLOVE for a Free 7-day trial and 80% off a Use promo code MINDLOVEShow Notes:

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Catherine B

love this! can't wait to get the book! thank you!!!

May 9th


I appreciate and would like to stress and repeat the aforementioned idea of ,let's call it 'mindfulness ', is not suppose to be mind-LESS-ness. "" The western practice of mindfulness focuses on a particular strand of inquiry in Buddhist meditation known as the 'no-self' The practice is one of de--liberate dis--sociation."" to dissociate is a dysfunction from a trauma

May 5th

Whitney Rodden

Some of these benefits are mind-blowing. I installed a meditation app even before the 20-minute mark. 🤓

Apr 30th
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Stress Less, Accomplish More with Meditation - 076

Stress Less, Accomplish More with Meditation - 076

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