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Stretching, Virtual Resistance- and Then Strength! podcast

Stretching, Virtual Resistance- and Then Strength! podcast

Update: 2021-05-24


I try to keep you all updated as to what I learn along this paleo journey.  Sometimes, as in anything increased experience and research results in slight changes on the path.  This doesn’t mean the path itself is invalid; it simply means that constant attention reveals small changes may be desirable.  

For instance, now in the grocery checkout aisles (where at LAST I am no longer required to wear a stupid, ineffective mask!) I see the dumb women’s magazines touting ‘KETO DIET’!  instead of  Paleo, or Atkins, or Low Fat, or Vegan  Run Wild diets.  I think Paleo was rejected as a term, since most women think of themselves as Progressives.  But whatever: the term makes the most descriptive sense for the proper diet of HUMANS!

A ketogenic diet is fine, with NO carbs and LOTS of fat, and ample protein.  But it is so extreme, it is clinical, really.  If I was diabetic, or had epilepsy, I would certainly go that route!  But for most of us?  

Nope.  Paleo, or a total Carnivore diet fills the bill the best.  Including organ meats, which almost no one eats now, although our paleolithic ancestors not only included those meats, but positively prized them.  They ate nose-to-tail, and so should we!

If you do eat grains, you should seek out real sour dough breads and nut-based crackers- and keep them in small amounts only.  Your carbs should be kept quite low, which should be obvious since the deplorable state of modern health is defined by obesity- caused by HUGE consumption (by historical standards) of carbs and sugars!  

But, enough of that- this is meant to address exercise.  

For many years, my exercise life has consisted of long sorts of workouts, and then long rests.  1 and 1/2 hour workouts, two or three times per week, very intense.  Of course, I also had a very active, physical job and life outside of the gym.

Now, though, I have begun a different approach.  One that is not only less exhausting and actually kind of something to dread- but is actually quite pleasant, and more effective!  Hard to believe, but sometimes easier is better.

Every single day, unless it is unavoidable, I get up and do a stretching workout.  I do it in front of the television, and that is the only time I watch TV throughout the day.  So, I really look forward to it!  I watch news, and then switch to a movie via Amazon Prime or some such. (I have dropped Netflix- it has become the standard of progressive politics brain washing and political correctness.)  I suggest you drop it too!

I’ve talked of this before, but doing Virtual Resistance types of exercise, putting your musculature through a full range of motion with each limb.  Here is a demonstration:

This type of workout, if you do it faithfully, is more than enough to keep you fit for your whole life!  Really.  I always start with that.

Then, I go to the floor, and stretch.  In every way that I can- yoga like, not like yoga, and simply pushing my body and spine to stay supple and flexible!  It’s really not complicated.  Experiment!

Sometimes I end up with straight legged situps and pushups in high numbers, and often with isometrics holds with either a strap or my Exergenie from the 1960’s!  (They still sell the Exergenie, but it is expensive now.  A nylon straps works almost as well…)

Then, having watched about an hour’s worth of a movie and business news, I head to the shower.  I’m not tired- just invigorated and informed and entertained!

My day begins then with breakfast (a pale









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Stretching, Virtual Resistance- and Then Strength! podcast

Stretching, Virtual Resistance- and Then Strength! podcast

Jay Bowers aka PaleoJay