DiscoverMy Perfect FailureStroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah
Stroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah

Stroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah

Update: 2022-12-17


Aanandha Sharurajah MPF Discussion

Stroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah

Aanandha Sharurajah is the founder and chair of, a top beauty, spa, and wellness company based in Singapore. In 2012, as the company was reaching its peak of success with $35 million in group sales per year, he suffered a debilitating stroke that rendered his right side paralyzed. Refusing to resign himself to a tragic fate, Aanandha harnessed a forward-looking perspective and began a journey of self-discovery toward recovery.

Now a stroke advocate, he shares his story to bring hope to other survivors and provide early education to those at risk. He is a member of the Singapore National Stroke Association and was a participant at the 13th World Stroke Congress in 2021.

Aanandha’s passion for helping those in need is not limited to stroke victims. In 2002, he cycled 750 kilometers from Ipoh to Singapore in four days for charity. Between 2009 and 2011, Aanandha spearheaded a movement among spa owners to rescue over ten thousand spa customers left in a lurch after countless spas closed. His success and advocacy in business won him the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2009.

 Aanandha attended Brunel University, where he received second class honours in medicinal and agricultural chemistry. He lives in Singapore with his wife, Pathma, and two daughters, Nishta and Triynka.


On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Stroke of Gratitude) You will get to hear from Aanandha a remarkable man.  Aanandha is truly an inspiring man, and this really comes to the fore when he charts his recovery from a catastrophic stroke and becoming paralyzed. Aanandha since this episode has made remarkable progress with his mobility, speech and is now an international educator providing much needed education on stroke prevention, how to recover from a stroke and how he has found gratitude from his situation This is highlighted in his book which we discuss “Stroke of Gratitude”.  If you are looking to be inspired, you should definitely tune into this episode.  Some of the areas we cover.


·       Aanandha moving from Malaysia to Singapore with just a few dollars

·       Aanandha discusses a gap in the market and founding Atos Wellness a spa, and wellness company

·       Achieving success and generating group sales of $35 million per year

·       Suffering a debilitating Stroke

·       Aanandha discusses his journey to self-discovery after his stroke

·       We discuss Aanandha’s inspirational book “Stroke of Gratitude”


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Stroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah

Stroke of Gratitude with Aanandha Sharurajah

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